Postcards from_____________.

postcardsWe recently returned from a trip to discover two postcards had come in the mail from my brother.  He travels a good bit for business and pleasure and frequently sends postcards to the family.  It is a nice gesture and lets us know he is thinking about us on his travels.  It made me think how I should do a better job of doing the same on our travels!  After further thought, I had a simple solution to one of our frequent dilemmas.  We often go to book stays at our favorite campgrounds only to discover that we have forgotten the best sites where we like to set up.  A simple solution is to send a postcard to OURSELVES on our travels with the best campsites written on the back.  These postcards can then be easily organized by location (the picture is on the front!) and kept in a small photo album. I would recommend the kind that hold a single photo in a clear sleeve, so you can flip through and see both front and back. Purchase a roll of postcard stamps so you don’t need to find a post office to purchase them.  Simply mail the cards in any postal dropbox.  Sure, if you want to spare the expense, you could simply collect the cards as you go – but I like the idea that the postmark also keeps track of the date you visited.

Camping Tip of the Day: Keep a Journal

Ok, gentlemen, don’t freak out when I say journal. I did not say diary  LOL:) A journal is a great way to keep track of your camping adventures. It also helps you remember which campgrounds and specifically, which campsites you like. Often, you will find campgrounds that you would like to revisit in the future. Many of RV stores, like Camping World, have hardbound camping journals you can buy. Or you can just use a standard composition book. Heck, it’s 2014 and we are in the Age of Technology. Use your computer or tablet to maintain a journal.


Here are some things to consider when completing your journal:

1. Name/address/phone number of the campground.

2. Name(s) of the friendly staff members you dealt with. If you decided to return to that campground you can ask for them by name.

3. List things you liked about the campground.

4. List the things you did not like.

5. List the campsite number you were at. Amy and I make it a habit to drive around the campground before we leave. We write down all the sites we would like to try the next time and the ones we want to avoid.

6. List names of restaurants you enjoyed while camping there (if you ate out).

7. List the names of places (i.e. parks, museums, etc.) you visited or activities you enjoyed.

8. If you made any new camping friends, write down their names/numbers/e-mail addresses. Who knows, maybe you can meet up in the future….

Here at Crazy4camping, we would love to hear your reviews of the various campgrounds you have visited. Please send us an e-mail at


Camping Tip of the Day

If you are traveling with pets, prior to leaving for your trip, research the local vets in case of an emergency.  It would be a good idea to contact the vet ahead of time to find out what papers you should bring with you. Also, ask the campground if they have any suggested vets that have a reputation for great service. If they do not have a list of vets, contact the local Better Business Bureau. Happy camping!!!


Weekly Photo Challenge – Companionable

This weekly photo challenge was a no brainer! You can ask anyone who knows us well and they will tell you that our reason for blogging (our love for camping) is a direct result of our love for our dogs.  Camping is a wonderful way of being able to travel affordably with our pets.  Most places we camp are very pet friendly and we have even been able to find locations that have pet-friendly beaches.  So far, our favorite such place has been Higgins Lake State Park in Michigan. We would love to hear about other pet-friendly places from all of you!  I love this picture because it shows my three best buds doing what they love best – hanging out in the sun, having fun, and enjoying each other’s company.  True companions!