Camping Tip of the Day: Bring a Bird Feeder

Bring a bird feeder? Really? Yes. If you’re like us, you enjoy viewing wildlife on your camping adventures. If you are camping in a wooded area, especially in a state or national park, birds are abundant. Why not bring a small bird feeder along so you can hang it on a nearby tree and enjoy the beauty of God’s creation?


But Doug, our space is limited. I get that. We own a pop-up and we really have to pack it in a precise manner. However, you can find a small, inexpensive bird feeder at Wal-Mart, small bag of feed or suet bars, and pack it in the storage section of your camper.

Nothing is better than opening up the tent windows in our popup and watching the birds feed in the woods behind our campsite. It’s a nice way to wake up in the morning.

If you plan to do this, research the type of birds in the area where you will be camping. For example, if the area is known for Cardinals, bring sunflower seeds. If you bring the right type of seed you will have better luck seeing and hearing the birds.


Finally the sun returns!

After several days of rain (seriously thwarting our camping plans by the way),the sun finally made an appearance.  I took the opportunity to take a walk along a path close to home where I had seen lots of birds in the past but never had my camera to capture them.  They were not altogether cooperative with me, but I got some decent pictures none-the-less.  I hope you enjoy them 🙂