Can Fish Hear?

Submitted by Joe Panfalone

When I was visiting a supplier in Japan, our host was extremely proud of their koi pond and wanted to demonstrate something. He took us to the pond’s edge and clapped his hands. From the murky depths of the pond emerged huge koi breaking the surface with mouths open. As their reward, he tossed them a handful of fish food.

While everyone else was enamored with his ability to have trained the fish, I was awestruck with the fact that they could hear the sound of clapping deep down into the pond. No wonder dad kept telling me to be quiet or I’d scare the fish away. I just thought it was his way of getting some peace and quiet.


 According to the National Wildlife Federation, fish don’t have ears that we can see, but they do have ear parts inside their heads. They pick up sounds in the water through the lateral lines that run down each side of its body and is transmitted to their internal ear. The lateral line also acts like a sonar. Most bodies of water have limited range of sight so the lateral line enables the fish to sense movement around them. Some fishing lures have small BB’s inside to make noise and supposedly attract fish.

So the next time you are fishing, remember Dad’s words…be quiet or you will scare the fish away.

Kiser Lake

Kiser Lake

By Joe Panfalone

kiser sign

If you want a nice quiet lake to do a little fishing with your pontoon boat or canoe, you would do well to check out Kiser Lake located on State Route 235 halfway between Piqua and Urbana, Ohio. Being spring fed, the water quality of this 385-acre lake is excellent and supports good numbers of largemouth bass, bluegill, channel catfish, crappie and saugeye. Boats with motors are not permitted on the lake, which make it ideal for fishing, canoeing and sailing. There are several boat ramps to launch your own, or boats can be rented at the two rental facilities.

The lake was constructed in 1939 when the Kiser family offered several hundred acres of Mosquito Valley to the state. This was a low, swampy area dotted with numerous springs. A dam was constructed and the newly formed lake and surrounding area became what we know today as Kiser Lake State Park. Fish structures have been sunk to provide habitat and are marked with buoys. Five fishing piers and reefs have been constructed to make it easy for the youngsters or fishermen without boats.

kiser lake2







This lake provides great fishing opportunities as well as activities for the family. The park has:

·         Four picnic areas with tables and grills. Shelters are available on first-come first-serve basis

·         Four hiking trails ranging from easy to moderate.

·         600 feet of swim beach with a concession stand.

·         115 non-electric campsite sites open year-round

·         Arts & Crafts activities for the kids.

·         Outdoor theater

Area attractions:

·         The Air Force Museum, locate in Dayton

·         The Simon Kenton Historic Corridor, located between Piqua and Mechanicsburg

·         Piqua Historical Area

·         Simon Kenton gravesite

·         Cedar Bog

·         Ohio Caverns

Resources for more information:

Park Offices

Kiser Lake State Park
P.O. Box 55
Rosewood, Ohio 43070
Office: (937) 362-3822
Marina: (937) 362-3565

Websites of interest: