Versailles State Park, Versailles IN

Versailles State Park, Versailles IN

There are over six miles of hiking trails, as well as 16 miles of mountain bike trails. Hikers are permitted to use the bike trails. Versailles also offers 25 miles of bridle trails for those who bring their horses.

Negatives: The weekend we visited they had just had heavy rains and the trails were very muddy. Some parts of the trails were narrow, where the foliage limited the path to around a foot wide.  During our trail walks, we saw very little wildlife; no deer or squirrels were seen.  Trail 3 was impassible at the river – no bridge. Some areas were rocky and difficult to walk.

Positives: Nice ravines with vista views, sink holes (we thought they were cool! There was a huge one on Trail 1), small waterfalls, lengthy trails, lots of vegetation. Several types of flowers and greenery were spotted along the trails. (We visited in early Spring) Some mushrooms were spotted but not overly abundant. Most trails were well marked. Trail access point were close to the campground, access to some were just 50ft behind campsites. Trail 1 was our favorite, as it was very quiet and peaceful. It reminded us of some of our favorite trails in the Smokies, but without the bears.;)

What are your thoughts?

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