Outland Firebowl

Product Review: Outland Firebowl






Have you ever woke up and wanted to enjoy a nice campfire while you ate your breakfast but yet needed to get up and go soon after? Do you dread going to sleep at night smelling like campfire smoke? Tired of buying overpriced firewood from the camp store that is often not dried out enough to light? Well, the Outland Firebowl is the product for you. Giving off 58,000 BTU’s, the Outland Firebowl provides a vigorous fire fueled by your camper’s propane tanks. The light weight (22 lbs) firebowl includes a 10 foot hose and a tank stabilizer if you choose to remove the propane tank from your camper and place it further into your campsite. The firebowl measures 19.25″ X 19.25″ X 11.50″ and consists of varying sizes of lava rocks that are placed inside the bowl. A carry kit makes this product very portable. There are various settings for size and intensity of the flame.



  • We love to use this product when we want a quick morning fire and we do not want wait around for the fire to burn out. You simply shut of the valve.
  • This product does not give off any smoke so if you want a fire without smelling like smoke, this is a great product.
  • The fire is instant. No waiting for the firewood to catch and build up.
  • If you are using this to warm up, it only takes a few minutes for it to heat up.
  • Places like Tractor Supply offer propane refills at a reasonable rate. The one near house charges $2.99 per gallon. So, a 20 lb. tank is less than $15 after taxes.



  • Some people like a “real” fire that includes the sound of crackling wood and the smell of smoke.
  • It is not recommended that you cook hotdogs or roast marshmallows over this firebowl.
  • If you use the “high” setting, you will burn through propane fairly quickly. The website claims that at a “high” setting, a 20 lb. tank will last a minimum of 8 hours. In our experience, we have enjoyed about 10 hours of a fire.
  • We have stored our firebowl inside the popup and often the camper will smell like propane. If we pack it in the back of SUV, the same issue occurs.
  • Most campgrounds charge a ridiculous amount of money for propane refills. Be sure you know where there is a cheap source of propane near your campground ahead of time (i.e. Tractor Supply).

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