Marble Springs Campground – Allen, MI

Guest review by : daveldman

Marble Springs Campground- Allen, MI

Blue Spring

Boasting Michigan’s only natural blue spring, Marble Springs Campground is located just west of Allen along US12.  The spring subsequently feeds several creeks and ponds located throughout the property.  With mature trees, grassy fields, and plenty of scenic water located throughout, Marble Springs is a beautiful setting for the weekend getaway, or to set up shop for a while.








That’s not to say it doesn’t have its faults, but you get the up north feel, while being fairly close to the Ohio boarder.  The campground has 2 restroom/shower facilities, 4 pavilions, a pool, a swimming pond, a fishing pond, and the usual convenience store.  With only about 80 total sites, of which 34 are seasonal, the facility is small in numbers, but  not in size.  The sites are quite spacious, and offer water and electrical hookups.  A few full service sites would be nice, but it’s not too bad for the weekend camper.  There are also a couple tipi’s that are available for rent, if you want to go the rustic way.

For having so few sites, having 2 restroom facilities is very nice.  The stand alone house looks to be fairly newly renovated, while the one located near the front office is a little out dated.  Both offer shower rooms that are separate from the main bathrooms.  My only complaint here is the lack of proper ventilation at both restrooms.  On a hot humid day, there just needs to be good air flow in a small shower room.
There are plenty of on site recreational opportunities, as well.  If just sitting around the campsite isn’t your cup of tea, have no fear.  For the little ones, there are a couple playgrounds located near each swimming area.  There are also a couple sports courts that include sand volley ball, horseshoes, and basketball.  You can take your pick of swimming hole, either in the pool, or the swimming pond.  There is a pond at the back of the property that is labeled the fishing pond.  I did see one small bass, but not too many fish visible from shore.  Rumor has it that some sizable pike inhabit those waters.  There are also a could very large grass fields that you could use for just about anything.  They also have plenty of theme weekends and activities for  the kids.

Marble Springs-15

The only real complaint I have about Marble Springs is their entry gate.  I understand the need to keep unwanted quests from freely coming and going, but they need some better policies.  Sometimes the gate is just open.  Other times, the gate is closed, and even when you pull up to it, someone has to be paying attention to the driveway for you to get in.  You may also encounter someone who has pulled too close tot he gate while checking in, leaving you to wait until they emerge.  They also have odd hours for “locking” the campground.  Both nights we were there, we had to park out front and walk in.  Extending the hours to 11pm wouldn’t hurt.

Would I go back?  I would, and not only to stay for our Hillsdale Ministry trip, but I think it would be a fine place to spend a weekend of just camping.

What are your thoughts?

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