Alum Creek State Park, Delaware OH

Caesar Creek State Park – Waynesville OH

Camp Toodik – Loudonville

Cedarbrook Campground – Lebanon

Cowan Lake – Wilmington

Cross Creek Resort – Alum Creek

Dayton KOA (Tall Timbers) – Brookville

East Fork Lake State Park – Batavia

Hocking Hills KOA

Indian Lake State Park

Kiser Lake, Conover OH

Miami Whitewater -Harrison

Olive Branch -Oregonia

Paint Creek State Park – Bainbridge

Rocky Fork State Park

Salt Fork Lake State Park

Shawnee State Park

Wapakoneta KOA

Winton Woods – Cincinnati

2 thoughts on “Ohio

  1. Watch out for the racing canoe vans!
    The campground rules state “speed limit is 5 mph, strictly enforced, watch out for our children”. This is ironic because their own employees drive the canoe vans drive well over 5 mph through the campgrounds. This campground is also a canoe livery and all day their vans raced past my children who were playing at our campsite. Perhaps they need to enforce their own rules with their employees before they demand it of their customers.

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