LL Bean Traveler Bag


LL Bean Traveler Bag

LL Bean offers an assortment of outdoor/camping accessories.  Doug and I both own a traveler bag that we use when traveling. We have found them to be especially beneficial to use tent and pop-up camping.  They come in an assortment of sizes to accomodate your needs.  The larger bags can hold everything from toiletries, hair dryers, make-up bags, curling irons, etc.  There are also several zippered compartments to organize your belongings. With space at a premium, we find that the medium or large size traveler bags are great for packing all of our toiletries, in addition to a change of clothes, and towel to take to the camp showers.  Another nice feature is that they have a built in hook to allow the bag to hang in the dressing area of the shower.

LL Bean frequently offers 10% discount on orders and shipping is always free. You can sign up for their weekly emails to receive information on discounts and special offers.

You can purchase an LL Bean Traveler Bag here.


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