White River RV Park and Campground – Montague, MI

735 West Fruitvale Rd.

Montague, MI 49437

(231) 894-4708      whiterivercampground.com


This is a very large campground in Montague (near Muskegon).  The campground has roughly 500 sites many which are seasonal. There are primitive, water/electric, and full hook-up sites. The campground is about a 20 minute drive to get to Lake Michigan. Many sites are shaded with a good variety of mature trees, spacious and all have fire rings.  We stayed at site 327.  All of the 320’s are very secluded and wooded.  They also have long driveways that easily accommodate most types of equipment. The campground offers free WIFI but it is spotty in areas.  The coverage is best by the pool/office area.  Cell phone coverage was also spotty (both ATT and Verizon). There is no cable TV. There are a number of cabins available for rent, including rustic and deluxe. 104-107 are along a creek.  The camp store had limited supplies and was not overly large or well stocked. Firewood and ice are available. There is a dump station.


This is a nice campground with well-maintained roads, sites.  The campground is spread out over a large area so it had a more secluded feel than others we have visited this size.  There wasn’t much in the way of landscaping or flowers but the grass was mowed and sites were well-maintained.  We liked the fact that it had large mature trees, and nice walking trails. There is only ONE dumpster located at the front of the campground.  This was a big inconvenience for a campground this large!


Rating:  (1 to 5 lanterns, with 5 being the highest)






Activities/Area Attractions:

This campground is in a pretty remote location. You are a 15 minute drive to the city of Montague and the nearest grocery store. Montague is said to have the world’s largest weathervane – we didn’t find it all that exciting. Happy Mohawk Canoe livery is nearby for canoeing on the White River.  There is the HART/Montague bicycle trail nearby, but nothing else much to see.









Pet/Family Friendly:

The campground is pet-friendly and we noticed several families with dogs. There are lots of places to walk dogs and the trails were also pet-friendly.  There is a small enclosed dog walk area, but it didn’t seem well-kept .  There was tall grass and weeds and nothing that made us want to take our dogs inside.  You are able to walk the pets throughout the park provided they were on a leash.  Pets are not allowed on the beach areas.  We found it disappointing that a campground so large did not have a fenced-in dog park.  Many smaller campgrounds we have visited have had this feature, and we saw several spaces at Mill Creek that certainly could be dedicated to this purpose.

There are several ways that children can enjoy spending time here.  There are two playgrounds (one of them was very large and was busy with children having fun) , a heated pool.  There are some unusual restrictions to the pool – for example everyone must remove all footwear before entering the pool area.  I wasn’t thrilled about the fact I had to walk barefoot while inside the pool area but they were very adamant about this. There is a basketball court, volleyball, horseshoes, and a game room.  The Sand Creek has a shallow wading area where kids can walk in and explore. One thing we thought was cool (and we have never seen anywhere else) is that there is a dirt RC car racetrack near the main entrance to the campground.  We didn’t see anyone using it, but we thought this was a nice feature -much better in our opinion to have a designated space than have them running up and down the roads of the campground. There is also a game room.

The White River flows nearby and has some nice fishing potential.

There are several trails that traverse throughout the campground and adjacent wooded areas.  Be sure to wear bug spray – Michigan mosquitos are a force to be reckoned with!







There are cute outhouse looking toilets throughout the campground.  Don’t let the appearance fool you – these are flush toilets with tile floors! The bath houses were well-kept and good-sized. The bath houses are cleaned twice daily.  They are closed during these times – so be prepared to wait a good while as they do a thorough cleaning.  The showers were nice and hot with good water pressure.  It was nice to have showers that were not on timers or push buttons and the ability to control hot/cold temperature.







Overall  Rating:




17 thoughts on “White River RV Park and Campground – Montague, MI

  1. Wish we would have found this site before we stayed at this place. It looked nice but very unfriendly people running it. Really mean old woman. Mean man on a golf cart that would yell about everything. We have a disabled daughter with Tourette syndrome and you would have thought she was the devil the way they looked at us, especially towards evening. don’t camp here if you have children with disabilities… Never been treated like this before. Most Campgrounds are very nice and welcome us even with our daughters disability.

  2. I just started reading this and OMG you are so right. I did seem like a cult. If you weren’t one of the regulars, they kept an eye on you all the time. Makes you wonder what they may be hiding.

    • You are right. Maybe they do have stuff to hide. I never thought of that. It was creepy the way they watched us.

    • You are right about this place. they do watch you and leave notes on your camper. Weird. The golf cart cop just goes by and looks for anything to crab about. Never going back.

  3. ye good to see `o`th`e`r people are feeling the same i felt like i was just looked at like i waas cray i have 4 dogs and it was like i was a fugitive i have been in the mikitary and havent been investigated likr=e these fucking people i think they are fucking aliens or something weird will no go back

  4. It’s funny I found this site. We stayed here last summer. We totally felt the whole time like outsiders. It was weird, like they watched us even some of the neighbor campers, We have camped for years and never felt like this before. It was like they had their own little cult and if you weren’t one of them, they didn’t want you there. Everyone had to be quiet at the same time, You couldn’t shower at night. I felt them watching us. We really wasn’t sad to leave. Even ripped a cigarette right out of a guys mouth at the pool. He said he didn’t see a sign not to smoke. Crazy.

  5. Was the dude driving the cart look like a fat Willie Nelson? He yelled at our kids too. They were just being kids and playing. They were even crabby when we checked in, should have known they were a bunch of assholes and saved our money and went somewhere else.

  6. I love these posts. I thought our family was the only ones that were treated like s— by this campground. Yelled at for talking to loud around the camp fire. 9:00 pm was to late to shower. Dogs couldn’t stay in air conditioned camper. They wanted us to leave them in a car in 90 degrees weather. This place does suck……

    • You got that right dude. These owners should be running a parole camp, not a fun family campground. Our bathrooms were clogged, every damn one! They treated my dogs like crap and they hate kids. They said our kids were not allowed to “be loud” at 8 pm!!! Its a vacation not a damn concentration camp. Pet friendly my ass, the only dogs they like are really old or dead.

      • LOVE LOVE LOVE your comments. They chased our kids in a golf cart to yell at them for playing and being to loud. You are right no showers after 8:00 pm. Never going here again.

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