Product Review: The Pet Fence

The Pet Fence

One of reasons we decided to buy a camper years ago was our desire to travel with our dogs. Although there are more and more pet-friendly hotels these days, camping is a great way to travel with pets. It costs a lot less than hotels and our boys love nature! However, traveling with pets has its challenges. We have a pop-up camper, so there is not much room inside for the dogs to play. Most campgrounds require dogs to be on 6’ leashes. Usually we have our dogs tied down at the campsite with their leashes and stakes in the ground.This can be a challenge when trying to space them apart so they do not get tangled together, or around our chairs. Not all campgrounds have dog parks so sometimes our dogs don’t get the ability to stretch out. This past week, we decided to splurge and purchase a pet fence from Camping World. In fact, we bought two.

The pet fence is a series of 8 panels, each measuring 24” wide and 30” high. You can arrange the panels in a square, rectangle or octagon. We purchased two of these pet fences so we could expand the area for the two of our dogs. We are Good Sam members and therefore we got the club price of $41.97. Trust me when I say that for a little over $80, we have some happy poochies! We arranged the 2 fences into a large octagon. We used the 8 ground anchors and 4 fastening snaps to create a secure environment for our dogs. The fencing is lightweight and folds up easily. The two boxes fit well in the back of our SUV with plenty of room for our cooler, storage box, etc. Though it is lightweight, the pet fence is durable. Our first experience with the pet fence was at Kentucky Horse Park Campground. One afternoon, there were heavy winds and the ground anchors kept the fence secure. If you are looking for a way to give your pet some space to stretch out without being confined to a 6’ leash, I highly recommend buying the pet fence.

You can even purchase a shade cover! Here’s to happy campers!  You and your dogs!

Check out the link to Camping World if you are interested in purchasing this product:

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