One of the things I love to look for while hiking is the mushrooms!  I have been fortunate to find all sorts of different sizes shapes and colors.  I have never gone hunting for morels, nor have I found any on my hikes, but I hear that it is fun! Perhaps a trip to Mesick, Michigan is in order.

The pictures on this page are some of the various fungi I have discovered (and maybe a few pictures of mold…I am no expert!)  I have also included a link to a page that has some good information about how to identify what you find.

I recently found these inky cap  beauties popping up in our mulch after several days of rain.  By noon they had all shriveled up and gone away.

We would love to see some pictures of mushrooms you have found.  Feel free to post your pics – even better if you can tell us what they are and where you found them.

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