Amy and her husband Doug are teachers at a suburban Cincinnati school district. Their love for camping began by looking for affordable ways to travel with their pets – Vinnie, an Italian Greyhound and Mighty, a Corgi. What they love most about camping is the ability to get away from all of the stresses and craziness of everyday life while enjoying the sights, sounds and beauty of nature.

Mighty and Vinnie on the ride to our next "campventure"

Mighty and Vinnie on the ride to our next “campventure”

Thanks for visiting our page.  We love camping and want to share a little of what we have learned along the way and learn from all of you as well.  We want this blog to be a place where you can share your tips, ask questions, and share some fun stories you have collected during your “campventures”.

Our goal is to build a site that will provide information on what we like best about campsites we visit, helpful tips to make travel, set-up, and camping stress-free, recipes we have tried and love, products that we can’t live without, and guest contributers that can answer all of your burning questions. You can submit a review of your favorite campground here.

We are new at camping and especially new about blogging about it..so we invite your comments and advice!  🙂 Please take a moment to comment on our blog and be sure to “like” our facebook page.

Amy and Doug

We love camping

11 thoughts on “About

  1. Amy and Doug, we trust all is well with you and that you are getting ready to hit the road again. We met you in West Yellowstone and have followed your blog from time to time. We will be in Ridgway, Colorado, Creede Colorado and Red River, NM this summer. Safe travels and blessings to you along the way!

  2. My name is Jeff Hamilton and I’ve been a hiker camper at heart for the majority of my life. Something about hiking/camping makes me , well me. From the birds to the trails , to the flowers and fauna , to sunshine and yes rain , to companionship and blisters, I keep earning to go back.

    • Sure thing Joe! Looks like you have some awesome gear. Maybe we can add some things to our product reviews. We always provide direct links to purchase. Let us know if you would be interested in any crazy4camping logo merchandise. 🙂

  3. Thanks Jimmy! We appreciate your feedback and will work to build that area of our site. I keep trying to get my brothers involved. They are avid hikers and have learned the art of improvisation, although I think it mainly consists of living off of hunks of cheese and a flask. 🙂

  4. Great blog guys! Love the concept, but would really like to see more recipes and some unconventional cooking methods improvising with what you have! [For the less prepared camper like me]

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