Cabela’s Shower Shelter


Cabela’s Shower Shelter

Amy and I purchased our pop-up camper in December when prices were lower because we were in the off-season. Like kids with their Christmas gifts, we could not wait three months for the snow to melt so we could go out and enjoy our newest investment. So, we did a lot of winter camping. Most of our friends thought we were nuts for doing so. But with two space heaters, a furnace powered by propane, and heated mattresses, we embarked on many great journeys.

One major issue concerning winter camping is the fact that many campgrounds do not have restroom facilities during the winter. The ones that do usually only have a porta-potty. I decided to put Cabela’s Shower Shelter on my Christmas list. Though this product was meant to be used as an outdoor shower shelter, we used it as a bathroom. I bought a 5 gallon bucket at Lowe’s and a Luggable Loo (toilet seat that attaches to the bucket). We would fill the bucket with a little bit of scented cat litter. Every time we used the bathroom we would add a little more cat litter. For some, this may be roughing it too much. However, if you want to winter camp in a campground that does not have year-round restrooms, this is your best alternative.


This product can also be used during the summer as a shower for tent campers and pop-up campers. Many pop-ups have outside showers (water system). One only has to place the Shower Shelter next to the camper and they are ready to take a shower with privacy. For tent campers, they too can use this Shower Shelter by using the 5 gallon solar shower bag. This bag can be hung out during the day so that the water can be heated through solar power. We have not used this feature, however, friends who have say it works well (on sunny days of course).

Either way you use it, this is an excellent product at a reasonable price.

You can purchase the Shower Shelter here.

You can purchase the Luggable Loo here.


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