Product Review: Shark Handheld Vacuum


Pros: Very portable. Strong suction. At full charge, it lasts awhile.

Cons: Must stay plugged-in.


The Shark handheld vacuum was given to us a wedding gift and has become an integral part of  our camping setup. We bring this on every campout. It is easily stowed in our popup camper. It is an 18 volt cordless vacuum.  As long as it stays plugged in, the Shark does a great job with pet hair on the beds and couch, spills on the kitchen floor, etc.  If fully charged, the Shark can remain strong for a reasonable time before fading out, unlike other cordless vacuums that last less than a minute. However, you must keep this plugged in, otherwise it will lose its charge over time. This is one disappointing factor of this product. Other than that, it’s a great product. Whether you have a tent, popup, travel trailer, or motor home, the Shark is a nice addition to the camping experience.

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