Product Review: Propane Tank Covers


One childhood life lesson that was engrained in my brain by my father was, “if you want anything to last you have to take good care of it.” Amy and I have had our popup camper for over a year. We have been blessed to travel to many campgrounds during this time. The constant traveling is beginning to wear on parts of our camper. It doesn’t look like the brand new camper we bought last December.


One thing that is beginning to weather is our set of propane tanks. So, as I am looking forward to some spring camping soon, I decided I want to make some investments to help maintain our camper. The first thing would be to buy this product. Camping World (part of Good Sam) offers thousands of RV products at If you are like me and a little hesitant to order over the Internet, you can call them toll free.

I bought a twin propane cover made by ADCO. The cover has an elastic bottom so it fits snug around your propane tanks. There is a zipper at the top to allow easy access to gauges. Included is a piece of thin plywood to place on top of the tanks so that it creates a form for the cover. However, getting the piece of wood inside the cover was a small hassle.

Either way, we are happy with our $17.79 investment. The cover keeps our propane tanks protected from the elements. The polar white color “brightens” up the front end of the camper, helping the camper look “new”.

No worries if you only have a single propane tank. They have covers for that as well. We originally only had one as well but had our RV dealer add another one as we like to camp in early spring, late fall, and sometimes during the winter. Having an extra tank allows us to run our furnace for longer periods of time.