Accidental Tourists

We recently travelled to Decatur, IN for a Corgi reunion. Yes, that’s right – a reunion for our dog! Our breeder had new puppIMG_4027ies to unite with their new families and decided it would be fun to invite some of his previous customers out for a picnic. We had a great time! While I mean no offense to the fine people of Decatur,had it not been for this event I doubt we would have packed up the camper and headed up the highway to visit there.
The funny thing is…there were a lot of really great things about the trip we did not anticipate. For starters, we got to visit a new KOA campground (review coming soon). We got some really cool pictures of cornfields at sunrise and sunset (Click here to see photos) , and perhaps best of all we visited the Ouabache State Park in Bluffton.

This park, once occupied by the Native American Miami tribe, is situated along the Wabash river and includes the 25 acre Kunkel Lake, several nature trails, and an American bison nature preserve. We enjoyed taking the dogs along the trails and seeing the buffalo up close. It was well worth the trip!  🙂