Pretty Petals

One of my favorite things to do while hiking is to photograph all of the lovely flowers we find along the trails.  It is always exciting to find a new variety I have not seen before. My next goal is to begin identifying what I have found. Some of the pictures are labeled with what I think they are – you can click on the picture to test your knowledge.  By all means correct me when I am wrong and help fill in the many blanks! 🙂

I usually hike with my husband who keeps a pretty good pace up while hiking.  This can be challenging for me to take the pictures I want, while not slowing the pace too much so we can actually get some health benefits from a brisk hike.  The picture below is pretty typical of our hikes.  I take pictures while he waits!  🙂


Here are some recent pictures I took on our trip through Michigan.  I didn’t see a whole lot of variety but did find a few I hadn’t seen before. Here is a  great resource I found to help in the identification process:

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