Product Review: Propane Tank Covers


One childhood life lesson that was engrained in my brain by my father was, “if you want anything to last you have to take good care of it.” Amy and I have had our popup camper for over a year. We have been blessed to travel to many campgrounds during this time. The constant traveling is beginning to wear on parts of our camper. It doesn’t look like the brand new camper we bought last December.


One thing that is beginning to weather is our set of propane tanks. So, as I am looking forward to some spring camping soon, I decided I want to make some investments to help maintain our camper. The first thing would be to buy this product. Camping World (part of Good Sam) offers thousands of RV products at If you are like me and a little hesitant to order over the Internet, you can call them toll free.

I bought a twin propane cover made by ADCO. The cover has an elastic bottom so it fits snug around your propane tanks. There is a zipper at the top to allow easy access to gauges. Included is a piece of thin plywood to place on top of the tanks so that it creates a form for the cover. However, getting the piece of wood inside the cover was a small hassle.

Either way, we are happy with our $17.79 investment. The cover keeps our propane tanks protected from the elements. The polar white color “brightens” up the front end of the camper, helping the camper look “new”.

No worries if you only have a single propane tank. They have covers for that as well. We originally only had one as well but had our RV dealer add another one as we like to camp in early spring, late fall, and sometimes during the winter. Having an extra tank allows us to run our furnace for longer periods of time.





What is Camping?

It seems like a simple question, right? Webster defines camping as “to live temporarily in or as if in a camp or outdoors, usually for recreation”. Yet, defining camping is ultimately in the eye of the beholder. One aspect of camping Amy and I enjoy is people watching. We love to walk around the campground and check out what everybody is camping in whether it is a  pop-up, travel trailer, fifth wheel, motorhome, or tent. Actually, we have seen some people camp in teepees.We stir up conversations, find out where they are from, why they camp, etc.

Camping means different things to different people. For some it is embracing the simple life and getting in touch with nature. This means nothing more than a simple tent. I have met some people who would never set foot in a camper  because it is not “real” camping. Our first camping experience as a couple was at a campground near our house called Cedarbrook. I met an older gentlemen who had been camping since he was a boy scout. We had a good conversation on what camping means. He was there with his wife who insisted on camping in a travel trailer. She had to have her own bathroom and shower. As a good husband, he respected her wishes and they own an RV. However,  he told me that he prefered tent camping to anything else. He told me stories of winter camping in Michigan. WOW! That seemed crazy to me, until I tried it myself. This man told me the only way to experience true nature is to camp as close to it as possible (tenting). Being in a camper is not “real” camping, he told me.

While this man enjoyed the experience of tent camping, I have talked with other campers that insist that pop-up campers are the way to go. They are the best of both worlds. On one hand they offer the nature aspect of camping, since it’s essentially a glorified tent on wheels, yet it provides the luxury of being off the ground and other amenities such as water, stove,refigerator, etc.

A buddy of mine owns a 30 foot travel trailer and loves it. He has a wife and two little kids and for his family neither a tent nor or a pop up would be their definition of camping. Although both he and his wife both started out tenting and then moved up to a pop-up, when the kids came along there was need for more space and a sense of self-containment. Bathrooms were a must. And truth be told, my buddy could not live without his flat screen tv or sattelite on a trip camping 🙂

As Amy and I visit more and more campgrounds, we meet many people that have made their camper their home. Many campgrounds not only offer weekly rates, many also accomodate campers who stay “long term”. Most of these type of campers choose 5th wheelers. “Permament campers” want the freedom to up and move whenever they choose and live in regions of the country dependant on the seasons. Amy and I joke a lot about selling the house and buying a fifth wheeler as our portable home. Though sometimes I am not sure if we are joking….

For me, camping is an escape from the reality of the stresses of the work week, deadlines, projects, etc, etc. Camping gives me that much needed break from every day life, even if it only lasts a weekend. It energizes me to get through the next week so that I can camp the following weekend! From a spiritual side of things, camping and embracing nature allows me to enjoy God’s creation and spend time with Him. Walking the trails, sitting on the benches next to the lake, and relaxing by the campfire give me that opportunity to experience God.

Amy and I started out with a tent. We loved tent camping with our dogs and they loved it too. After a few months of fall camping, we decided to buy a Rockwood (model 1980) pop up camper. We love our new camper and we have used it several times in the winter and this spring. As teachers, we are blessed to have the summer off so we have big plans to travel the country searching for more campgrounds and experiencing the peace of camping.

What does camping mean for you?