Bass Pro’s Redhead Camo Duffle Bags

camobagThe one negative aspect of camping in a pop-up is packing. Without the space of a full-size camper, one must be very creative when it comes to packing. I couldn’t tell you how many different configurations Amy and I have tried to maximize the space in the camper. But I think we have finally arrived at one that works. Well, at least that’s the way we have packed the camper the last four or five setup/breakdowns.

One product that has helped us both is Bass Pro’s Redhead camo duffle bags. When we take longer trips like we have done twice this summer (10+ days), we need to bring a decent amount of clothes. We can’t assume every campground has laundry facilities. Packing a suitcase is not feasible because it’s too bulky and just takes up too much space. At one point I was packing my clothes in a Sterlite storage container but like a suitcase, it was just too bulky to pack.

So, we decided to invest in new duffle bags at Bass Pro Shop. Amy and I already had bags given to us from our employers for employee appreciation week but they were simply too small to pack the necessary items. So I bought the medium size duffle bag for the price of $39.99. This bag holds a lot more than you would expect by looking at it. It has a large loading capacity and two large side pockets. The weather-resistant storm flap-covered zipper closures and the water-resistant bottom are really helpful for those who plan to be “out in woods”. The duffle bag includes a shoulder harness
and a pull wrap handle on each end. The duffle bags are much better than the suitcase or the storage boxes we tried before because they are not as rigid as a suitcase and can be placed in tight spaces. We pack ours in-between the galley and cabinets on the floor of our pop-up.

One of the best parts of this duffle bag compared to other ordinary duffle bags is the fact that it is camo. Just like Jase from Duck Dynasty said, “In my world, you add camo to anything, it immediately becomes cool”. And there you have it. If it’s good for Duck Dynasty, it’s good for me.

You can order one for yourself here.

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