We have seen our share of critters on our camping trips, from the tiniest of bugs to the bigger (and scarier) black bear in Cades Cove.  Enjoying the outdoors means that you are  sharing it with the animals that live there.  Some of them are not always too thrilled about it either!  We have been stared down by a deer and, while I am not positive what all of the sounds are coming from, I am pretty sure I do not want to run into a group of coyotes on the hunt at night!  What are some of your craziest animal encounters?  What animals have you been lucky to photograph on your trips?

One thought on “Critters

  1. My husband thinks I am crazy…but I could swear I saw a bobcat running down the street in the campground at Versailles State park in Indiana. It was at night while we were sitting by the fire so I can’t be sure. It was much bigger than a cat (maybe the size of a coyote) but ran like a cat. My husband thinks it was a coyote. Has anyone seen bobcats while camping???

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