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I am an art teacher by profession and spend a good deal of my time in the summer camping and enjoying nature.  Below are some of the art and photography projects I have made for myself and fellow camping enthusiasts.  If you are interested in purchasing any of the items send an email to and I can send you details and a paypal invoice.  Happy Camping!


Camping Generic  Camping Word Art Can be personalized with your family name or campground name under the word camping.  Prints (unframed) are $15 for 8×20 print.  Add $5 for personalized text below.

collins Or if you prefer you can have your name created in images that relate to you and your family.  $5 per letter.  No additional charge for small lettering above and below.


Photo prints with nature inspired quotes are also available.  Price varies by size – email for details.  Want a different quote?  No problem!  Want your own photo?  No problem!

Small space to decorate in your camper?  No problem!  This little wall hanging is small but sums up what we all know:

20150118_124542 $10 – hand painted wood frame with hand drawn art inside.  You can always insert your own photo as well! 🙂

5 thoughts on “Crazy4Camping Store

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  2. Just curious… I have a pop-up without a bathroom, when I drink excessively I have to pee in the middle of the night how to avoid walking to the bath house?

    • First thing you could try is, not drinking so much. But if that is not a possibility, try searching on or a local yard sales etc. for a porta-potty. They range everywhere from a camp stool type chair with a toilet seat and a plastic bag, to the kind we had that actually flush into a holding tank and you empty your holding tank as you exit your camping trip. These are also nice on boats too. If you need a less expensive and temporary solution, buy a urinal like they use at a hospital for men or even less expensive a tin can, such as a coffee can with a lid. There you go, hope this is of some help.

      • Thanks Kathy. We actually purchased a luggable-loo that fits on a bucket. We also have a Cabelas portable shower we set up outside the camper to use as a makeshift portolet when we camp places where bathrooms are closed. We have come a long way from our early novice days. 🙂

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