Elkhorn Creek Campground – KY


Elkhorn Creek Campground – KY

Early summer each yearMINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA both The Northern Kentucky Fly Fishers and the Buckeye United Fly Fishers take a fishing camp out trip to the Elkhorn Creek in Frankfort, Kentucky and stay at the Elkhorn Creek Campground located right on the river.

Elkhorn Creek is one of the premier smallmouth streams in Kentucky. This feisty fish on light tackle or fly rod will give you a trill of your life.

During the heat of the day you can take a break from fishing and enjoy the amenities of the campground like a cool dip in the pool, a game of putt-putt, horseshoes, volleyball, shuffleboard, or basketball. Children can enjoy the large playground including swings, slides and other equipment located near the general store.  Hand-dipped ice cream is always a treat after a day of fun in the sun.

Tourist attractions are numerous with only a short drive from the park.  You can drive through horse farm country in Lexington, Versailles and Midway.  Antiques can be located in Georgetown, Midway and Frankfort.  A tour of the Toyota Motor Manufacturing Plant is a short drive from the park.  Visiting the capital city is a great day trip.  You can see how laws are made for Kentucky or how bourbon is produced.  Genealogy can be studied at the State Library of Archives or at the Kentucky History Center. 

What is it about a camp fire?

It doesn’t matter if I camping in the middle of the winter or in the hottest part of July, a camp fire is mandatory in any camping experience! But what is about a fire that intrigues us so much? I can sit around a fire with a cold beverage shooting the breeze with my wife and friends for hours! When I camp I need to start my morning out with a good cup of coffee and a fire. Mid afternoon I need to stoke that fire back up for some good pot pies or hot dogs. And by evening that fire becomes the epicenter of the social gathering. Campfires are the essense of camping. There was a campground that Amy and I considered when we traveled to Nashville. However, when we found out that the campground had no firerings it was a done deal. No way could I stay for three nights without a fire! What kind of campground does not allow campfires? The campground had a lot of good reviews online but for me, not having campfires was the ultimate downside!

I can remember many great childhood memories of campfires. When I was a young cub scout we always loved to mess with fires. Every year we had an annual campout; just the boys and their dads. We had a great time. During one campout, the boys decided to embrace our pyro sides and make a huge campfire. We took everything we could and put it in the fire. The fathers had no idea until the next morning when they were looking for the styrofoam cups and bowls! We had burned them all! Burning styrofoam is way cool 😉 A really pissed off father who did not get his morning coffee is NOT way cool!

Some of my more “high class” friends complain that campfires cause you to smell like, well a campfire. So? The smell of a campfire and the site of tall flames in a fire ring bring peace and relaxation to an otherwise stressful week! (For tips for eliminating the tell tale signs you have been camping – Click here!)  Roasting marshmallows, making pot pies, using the dutch oven to cook, roasting hot dogs, or just simply burning stuff are the cool aspects of a campfire. And isn’t funny how campfires cause people to talk? Maybe it’s the beer but campfires have a way of facilitating a good discussion. Whether it’s hanging out with old high school friends bringing up stories of the “old days” or colleagues sitting around complaining about the incompetent boss, the campfire is the common denominator.