Product Review: Bounty Paper Towel with Dawn

In February of 2015, Proctor and Gamble unveiled a new product that would help home consumers and campers alike. This new paper towel is a 2-in-1 paper towel that includes Dawn dishwashing detergent. This paper towel is stronger than the normal, everyday paper towel. In fact, there is a cloth-like feel to it. Once it becomes wet, the Dawn infused in the paper towel is activated and ready for cleaning. Procter and Gamble suggests this can be used on almost any surface and can be reused. I am not sure about the latter of those two claims.

During our Spring Break trip to Georgia, we used the Bounty towels to clean dishes at the campsite. The towel was used in two different ways. First, I tried used it to clean difficult pots and pans which had food caked on them. The towel stood up to the task, however, it did not penetrate through the food as much as I hoped. So, I used the Bounty towel in combination with a scouring pad and the dishes were clean. My second approach was to scrub the dishes ahead of time. Once the hardest part was complete, I used the Bounty towel to wipe down the dishes in the final step of cleaning. I liked this approach better. One complaint I have about using a normal dish rag to clean dishes is the residue that remains on the rag from previous washings. You can rinse the rag over and over but there are still particles and an odor left from the previous cleaning. The Bounty towels are disposable and therefore avoid these issues. Proctor and Gamble proposes the idea of reuse. However, I need to question that notion. Once I was finished cleaning, the paper towel was still intact more than a normal paper towel. However, I am not sure letting it dry and reusing it later would have proved successful. I also wonder if any of the dishwashing liquid would activate on subsequent uses.

There are a few advantages to this product. The Bounty towel allows you to wash without using a dish rag over and over. It is as simple as packing a roll of paper towels. There is no need to bring Dawn and paper towels. If you pack light as a camper, this is important.

The disadvantages to this product is that it does not work against really tough dishes as P&G claims. If you are on a budget, the Bounty 2-on-1 towel costs between $2.50 and $2.99 per roll. Even if you pack this paper towel, you will still need “regular” paper towels for spills or messes that do not need the additional Dawn.

All in all, we will continue using the Bounty 2-in-1 paper towel. It is reasonably priced and works pretty well. Happy camping!


What are your thoughts?

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