Watch out, silly bird!

One of the enjoyable things about being stuck indoors (not camping) due to frigid temperatures, is watching the variety of birds that visit our backyard feeder. It is nice to see wildlife enjoying some food on such a cold but sunny day.


This day was no exception until we heard that unmistakable thud on our sliding glass door window. Sure enough, a small wren was lying face-down in the snow. I asked my husband to gently turn him over. We kept the dogs indoors and I watched the bird breathe but not move for nearly 10 minutes. Finally, I decided I couldn’t watch any longer, and feeling helpless, busied myself with other things.

About an hour later, my husband asked if I had moved the bird…it was gone!

I am surely hoping it regained its wits and flew away (after getting some seed from the feeder, of course) but there is some small part of me that wonders if we missed that neighborhood red-tailed hawk swooping down for lunch. Cool… but sad.

In any case it made me wonder the best way to handle this if it ever happens again. I found some great advice here. Hint: save that shoe box.

What are your thoughts?

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