Nostalgia in a Digital World

It never seems to fail that whenever families gather for special occasions or Sunday dinners, someone digs out the old photo albums.  It’s a time for reminiscing of fond memories and certainly for sharing a few good laughs.  One of the downsides of the advances in technology, many would say, is the declining hobby of making old school photo albums.  Scores of photos sit on cameras or computers, never to even be printed – let alone organized in an album. We do have camping friends that are diligent with scrapbooking and we have created photo books of some of our trips with Shutterfly, but one great thing about our blog is that it serves as a digital “footprint” of all of our adventures while camping.

Having a blog encourages us to frequently upload photos, and share in some of the experiences we have had.  By publishing campground reviews, it also challenges us to visit new places instead of returning to the same places over and over.  While we may never fully reproduce the sensory nostalgia of a decades old photo album, with its faded and worn pages, our hope is that we will continue to look back at this blog with equally fond memories for many years to come. We have even returned to places we visited with our families as kids like Frankenmuth, Leelanau, and Higgins Lake in Michigan.

We are also trying to challenge ourselves to embrace new things along the way such as instagram and the art of the “selfie”. I am currently challenging myself to come up with fun ways to incorporate selfies into our travel photography routine.  I was looking through our photos and found a few that we have taken-whether intended or not.

Heck, if you really want you can give your photos instant nostalgia with an instagram filter:

Another recent trend is to recreate those old photos taken in our youth by returning to and recreating the same photos as adults.  What do you say, Spencer?  Do you think mom still has the little wagon somewhere in the garage?  🙂


Speaking of the little guy in the photo, you can check out some of his adventures in nature here.


And we would like to extend this challenge to our followers.  If you have fun, creative, selfies ,instagram photos, or throwback photo recreations taken while camping – we would love to include them in an upcoming blog post.  Send us your photos with name and location to

2 thoughts on “Nostalgia in a Digital World

  1. Well….that sure did take me back….waaaaaaayyyy back! Great to see those old pics again!! We always had such fun at Higgins. Speaking of fun…….I just wonder why no one captured a picture of you and me – pulling the motor boat back from the other side of the lake after it broke loose from it’s anchor and floated across the lake ….and we used the canoe to do it ….. struggling against the wind!! Now that would have been a great picture!! My arms will never forget that adventure!! FUN!!

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