Camping Tip of the Day: Bring Your Friends!

I know this may seem like common sense, but hear me out. The friends we have are friends because of the common experiences, hobbies, and beliefs we share. But the reality is that our friends don’t necessarily share all of our hobbies. I have some good friends who claim that camping is a waste of time. I have heard, “Why would I go camping when I’ll end up smelling like a campfire for days?” Or “why would I sleep in a camper when I have a perfectly comfortable bed at home?”toasted

One of my goals this year is to encourage more of my friends to enjoy the great outdoors. When Amy and I started this blog, our “mission statement” was to encourage people to camp more and provide resources (i.e. campground reviews, product reviews) in order to do so. America is a beautiful country and there is so much here to explore. I am so grateful for the opportunities I have to camp.  I once saw a quote that said, “Camping is cheaper than therapy”. I would 100% agree. Being out in the woods, breathing in the fresh air, and relaxing by the campfire can making any stressful work week better. Even better, camping with friends and enjoying the experience together.

There are many campgrounds that have group camping sections. You can rent out this area and have up to five or six campers. What better way to bond with your closest friends than to try the group camping section?

Some of your friends may resist the idea when you ask about camping. So, here are some ideas:

1. Suggest to your friend a campground nearby so if they really don’t like it the first night they have the ability to go home the next day.

2. Try to make it as comfortable as possible (within reason). Offer them any of your gear that will help with the experience. Your friend will not want to go out and buy a ton of camping equipment if they think they will not enjoy it to begin with.

3. Get input from your friends on what activities they would like to do while camping (fishing kayaking, hiking, just relaxing around the fire). Maybe even entice them with other common hobbies: “Bring your guitar so we can jam by the fire” or “I heard there is an outlet mall nearby!”

4. Before the trip, meet with your friend. Come up with a menu of the meals and who will do what. Again, any bit of “ownership” may persuade your friends that camping is a great time!

5.  If they are still resistant to come along – invite them for just the evening for a cookout and time by the campfire.  Who knows, once they visit they may get the camping “bug” after all!

6. Be open-minded. No matter what you do, in the end they still may not enjoy camping. You’ll have to accept it. Hopefully, though,  they will love it!


What are your thoughts?

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