Bruckner Nature Center – Troy, OH

5995 Horseshoe Bend Rd. Troy, OH

(937) 698-6493

On a recent trip to my hometown of Troy, OH I took my husband to Bruckner Nature Center.  I had visited the center several times as a youngster with my family and Girl Scout troop.  The center was every bit as great as I remembered, and we enjoyed seeing the wildlife and hiking the trails.  If you are ever in the area (about 20 minutes north of Dayton) be sure to visit!

There are six miles of well-maintained, mulched trails that take you through the wooded nature preserve.  The trails are easy to moderate and very shaded in most parts.  There are a few ponds along the trails good for viewing fish and turtles.  One trail also takes you along the Stillwater river.

While visiting be sure to take a walk through the visitor’s center and Idding’s log cabin.  There is also a treetop bird vista where you can have a seat and watch all types of birds visit the feeders from the comfort of an air conditioned room!  Bruckner also serves as a wildlife rehabilitation center and there are several animals on hand for visitors to see.  I loved the barn owls!

Ever wonder what to do with a baby bird when it falls out of its nest?  Check out the website above to find the answer to this and many more questions!


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