Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreshadowing

We arrived home today after a camping trip for several days in Indian Lake, Ohio.  While the weather didn’t always cooperate (rainy several times), we enjoyed seeing the boats on the water, kayaking, and biking in the State Park. When I returned home to see the weekly photo challenge – foreshadowing-I knew just the picture.  There were several rather large-sized squirrels in the campground and one in particular, that I named Rusty, was very friendly.  I think if I had really tried I could have had him eating from my hand.  Despite the abundance of nuts falling from the trees he didn’t seem too interested.  I snapped several pictures like this one of Rusty just chilling on the branch.  At one point he was actually sleeping.  I don’t recall ever seeing a squirrel sleep before.  They are always busily scurrying around and jumping from branch to branch.  So what is ‘ol Rusty foretelling?  A mild winter of course….why else would he be catching some Z’s instead of gathering food for the winter?  At least that is what I am banking on! 🙂

Rusty Squirrel

2 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreshadowing

  1. Sometimes squirrels are just nuts. Or is it just me. My wife goes out every morning and puts food out for the birds and the squirrels know how to climb up a steel pipe holding the feeder up. Maybe I should grease the pole. What do you think? I’m glad you still had a good trip and enjoyed the squirrels. We use to go down to the beach in our motor home and lay out on lounge chairs to watch the ocean. There were ground squirrels and one of them had a wart on it’s nose, so we called him booger.

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