Packing light but eating well.

When camping in a pop-up, space is certainly at a premium. We have found a few products we love that fit and travel well in our tiny fridge and still allow us to have a hearty breakfast before a day of adventure.

All three of these products can be made easily and require little preparation.


We like to bring “egg-beaters” type eggs with us in the cooler because they are liquified and therefore you don’t end up with a carton of broken eggs and shells when you arrive at your destination.  We have never ventured into the world of freeze-dried eggs because we always have a cooler with us to keep things cold.  Certainly if you did not have a cooler, then freeze-dried would be the best bet.

We also love the Fast Shake pancake mix.  No need for a measuring spoon or bowl – just add water to the top of the label, shake and pour.  I have searched the world over to find Batter Blaster – this is a product that is pancake mix in a can similar to Reddi-Whip.  You just aim at the pan and shoot!  I recently found out the company went out of business.  Too bad!  I have never had an easier time making pancakes.

On one of our recent camping trips, the camp office gave us sample of a new product from Hungry Jack – hashbrown potatoes in a carton.  According to the directions you add hot water, wait 10 minutes or so, then cook in a pan.  I have not yet made them because I haven’t wanted to heat up water then wait for them to do their thing – but it seems easy enough and certainly comes in an easy to store container.

We would love to hear about tips and tricks you have for camp cooking!  Please share. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Packing light but eating well.

  1. I took pre-made tofu scramble with us on our vegan camping trip. (“Scrambled” tofu, turmeric, veggies, beans or veggie sausage, a little oil so it does stick… stored in Preserve plasticware.)
    All we had to do was reheat what we wanted to eat that day.

    • I have come to the conclusion that pre-making food and packing in Tupperware containers is a great idea! With limited counter space to prepare foods combined with the desire to spend time enjoying the outdoors not cooking indoors, means that any way I can cut down on prep time is key! I saw your recipe on your blog and will surely be trying it out! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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