And We’re Off…

So, we had a slight delay to our camping trip….Our A/C (house not camper) went out and so we had to have the repair guy come out and fix it before leaving. No worries….it was only the motor that had to be replaced and freon added. So, $400 and two hours later we are ready to hit the road. Michigan, here we come:)

mac bridge

So, we decided to take the spontaneous route. Like I mentioned in a previous blog, this goes against everything I know. I am used to reservations and an itinerary. I need everything organized and planned. Yet, I think this will be therapeutic for me. Ten days of going as we please with no obligations will be just what the doctor ordered after a long, difficult year in the teaching world. Sure, we have places we want to visit in Michigan but where we stay and for how long is all up to chance, fate if you will. We are praying for good weather, though it is a little colder in Michigan than in Cincinnati! With every campground we visit we will review and post them on the website. Hopefully, we will have great experiences to share and someday you too, can camp at these places…..

What are your thoughts?

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