Summer Countdown….

My wife and I have the privilege of teaching middle school and so it begins….the countdown to summer. We have students for the next two days and then teachers have to report on Monday to complete various housekeeping and end of-the-year tasks. In less than a week we will be on the road for a 10 day camping trip! We are so excited for this much-needed break. Sure, the weekend camping adventures have been great so far, but we look forward to more time and more relaxation.

So, you might ask, where are you guys going? Great question but I don’t have an answer yet. I am a very organized, checklist type of person. So to not have a plan goes against everything I have ever known. Amy and I keep having the same conversation in the last couple of weeks. Should we go down south to Chattanooga (TN), Savannah (GA), and then to Charleston (SC)? Or should we spend our 10 days in Michigan- Holland, Mackinac City, Traverse City, and Hartwick Pines? We still don’t have an answer but I am leaning towards Michigan, despite the fact that the water will be WAY cold!

One idea I brought up with Amy was to drive up to Michigan without reservations. We just stop somewhere for a few days and when we are ready to move on then we pack up and go. This “freedom” does have a price. Some campgrounds may be booked up or the good sites may be taken. It’s risky for a guy who likes a plan but I think I want to get out of the comfort zone and try it. Being spontaneous can’t hurt, right? (Note from Amy:  the fact that my OCD husband actually wrote this  sentence is a true miracle!  🙂  )

Well, we have a few days to figure it out I suppose. Help us out!

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